These General Terms and Conditions(GTC) apply to all courses, rentals, offers and agreements, the entire business relationship and contract management between Surf Center Corfu (hereafter referred to as SCC) and its customers.


Any person who is able to swim for fifteen minutes in the sea and has no health problems is eligible to participate in windsurfing courses. If the participant has known health issues (e.g., asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.), the instructor must be informed prior to commencing the course. Each participant must have valid health insurance and appropriate liability or accident insurance. The instructions of the SCC staff are to be followed at all times.


Courses & Rentals

Registration & Payment

Course registrations and rentals must be in writing. If the participant is under the age of eighteen, a signed consent from a legal guardian is required. Course and rental costs must be paid on the day of execution. SCC reserves the right to ask for a deposit.



Each cancellation by a participant must be provided in writing. If a cancellation is received less than twenty-four hours before the beginning of the course, any fees or deposit paid will be forfeited.

If the wind and/or water conditions are not suitable for the course or rental, SCC will offer an alternative date or equivalent course.

In case of force majeure (storm, illness, theft, etc.) SCC reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without notice. In such cases the participants cannot assert any right of withdrawal or compensation. Funds paid in advance will be returned to the participant. Other claims do not exist.


Duty to Cooperate

The participant is obligated in case of any performance disruption to do everything reasonable for him, in order to contribute to a correction of the disturbance and to keep the possible damage as small as possible.


Duty of Care

SCC regularly inspects their equipment to ensure its usability. Nevertheless, each participant/renter is obliged to check the equipment before departure for its usability and to immediately report any damage incurred before or during utilization. If the usability of the equipment is no longer guaranteed by failure to follow the instructions of the instructor or employee of SCC, or by negligent or intentional behavior of the participant/renter, there is no entitlement to compensation on the part of the participants for the loss of time to remedy the issue.


Windsurfing Lessons

In the case of unexcused absence or voluntarily cancellation of lessons, no compensation for the missed course can be claimed. In the case of deliberate or negligent damage to the school equipment, the participant is personally liable for replacement of the damaged equipment.


Equipment Rental

The rental of kitesurfing or windsurfing equipment is only after presentation of a corresponding certificate of competence (for example, VDWS Level 4 and more, IKO Level 3 K and more, etc.) If the participant does not possess a license, but maintains he/she possesses the appropriate skills, SCC reserves the right to assess the competence of the participant for a fee.

If, after the rental period has started, a lack of qualification nevertheless emerges (violation of the rules of driving, endangering other beach visitors or participants in water sports), SCC reserves the right to collect the material and end the rental period. Already made payments will not be refunded.

For all rentals, the renter is liable for replacement of lost or deliberately damaged material at its current value. Any deposit paid will be deducted pro rata for such damage.



SCCis responsible for the correct and careful execution of the course as well as the execution of the contractually agreed services. Each student is insured by SCC for the damage caused to third parties during lessons. The liability of students for other students is not insured. The student is required to carry sufficient medical insurance for medical costs as well as for disability in the case of an accident. The SCC disclaims all liability in the event of accidents. For the damage or loss of personal equipment or material, SCC assumes no liability.


Data Protection

Personal data is only collected and stored if participants/tenants voluntarily contact SCC in the context of an order, booking or registration. By providing an e-mail address, the customer agrees to receive notices of order, booking/registration and information material via e-mail until further notice. This consent can be revoked at any time by e-mail to During class, photos and videos may be taken. By participating in the courses, the participants grant SCC the right to use the photos free of charge for further advertising purposes. If a participant does not agree with the publication of material on which he/she is visible, the right of use can be revoked at any time by e-mail to



The invalidity of an individual provision in this document does not result in the ineffectiveness of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).


SCC reserves the right at any time to change the contents of the General Terms and Conditions as well as their website.

June 2023