Windsurf Beginner Course

As a beginner, you will learn windsurfing with us step by step – practice, theory and material science, max. 4 people.

daily 12 p.m.

 Adult  3 days 2 hrs each  350,00 €/Person
Kids (8-12 yrs)  3 days 1 hr each  150,00 €/Person

Windsurf Semi-Private Lesson

 Minimum 2 Persons  1 hr  65,00 €/Person

Windsurf Private Lesson

We go into your skills individually – regardless whether you are beginner or advanced; whether alone or maximum for two.

 1 Person  1 hr  75,00 €/Person

Windsurf Hydrofoil Course

You will float over the water with our Fanatic Falcon Lightwind hydrofoil board.
Prerequisite: power jibe / water start

2 hrs Private Course 1:1 180,00 €

Wingsurf Course (max. 3 Persons)

A combination of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Objective: Glide over the sea with our hydrofoil board powered by our Ozone Wasp

Beginner (WING + SUP) 4 hrs (2 days 2 hrs each) 280,00 €
Advanced (Foiling)* 2 hrs 180,00 €

Wingsurf Private Lessons

1 Person  1 hr 100,00 €

*All material is included; the student is insured for any damage to the material caused by him.

All prices include 24% VAT.